The Aftershow with Jakob Trollbäck, New Division

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An in-depth conversation after the November episode of Climate Action News-  about leadership, sustainability and how men need to back off, led by Forbes Coach Peter Jansen with special guest, Designer Jakob Trollbäck, New Division.

We invite you to tune in, watch, listen and participate actively by commenting live during and after the broadcast. Register and we will send you instructions on how to participate, or download our app to join the discussion right now.


Hosts and guests

Jacob Trollbäck

Founder of The New Division

In 1999, the Swedish creative director Jakob Trollbäck founded the award-winning branding and design studio Trollbäck+Company in New York. Now he is back in Stockholm with The New Division, a new kind of creative company that focuses solely on sustainability. Both companies have design philosophies centering on his motto: Discard everything that means nothing. Jakob’s seminal work creating copywriting and a visual identity system for the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, known as the Global Goals, has given him a unique platform from which to advocate for a sustainable world. Jakob frequently attends international conferences and events to speak about how to create communication about important issues that everyone can understand.

Peter Jansen

Tv-Host and Forbes Leadership Coach

Peter has more than two decades of international experience in emotional intelligence and leadership coaching. Coaching leaders in more than 25 countries through direct one on one coaching as well as group coaching, seminars and workshops, and with four years of international radio hosting experience. Peter has directly impacted over one million people and has been recognized for his results by Forbes, where he continues to write and collaborate on leadership and change through Emotional Intelligence.

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