How do we tackle climate change with new protein solutions?

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As we know… Protein is fundamental to our diets, but the way we currently produce and consume protein depletes natural resources… so how do we produce enough protein to feed the world in a sustainable way that is accessible and in-line with the 1.5°C target?

We need to scale the zero-carbon solutions exponentially. Climate Action News uses both The Exponential Roadmap and their newly launched guide, The 1.5°C Business Playbook as a guidance how we can keep global warming at 1.5°C and solve the climate crisis. We need to halve emissions every decade to reach net-zero by latest 2050.

We invite you to tune in, watch, listen and participate actively by commenting live during and after the broadcast. Register and we will send you instructions on how to participate, or download our app to join the discussion right now.


Hosts and guests

Anna-Kajsa Lidell

Co-founder Food for Progress

Food for Progress has taken the lead of the green protein shift in the Nordic region, both through their own brands – Oumph! and Beat, and as an injector of a new mindset into the food sector. Anna-Kajsa is known as a disruptive, pragmatic thought leader, but above all, known for implementing a new food logic. A logic of hardcore doing, transforming the market at high speed.

Brent Loken

Food scientist and Director of Science Translation at EAT

Brent is one of the lead authors on the EAT-Lancet report and author of the Food and Nature-Based solutions chapters in the Exponential Roadmap 1.5 report. EAT is a global, non-profit foundation established by the Stordalen Foundation, Stockholm Resilience Centre and Wellcome Trust to catalyze a food system transformation.

Anders Gunnarsson


Anders is the Swedish pig farmer who developed a circular farming method that will decrease the carbon footprint of his pork meat comparable to the size of a pea. His farm, Halla Gård, is the first farm in the meat company Scan's project "The Farm Initiative", whose aim is to reduce the climate impact of Swedish meat. Soon another 14 farms will be involved, then it will be scaled up gradually. The goal is for the entire Scan value chain to become climate positive in 2045.

Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson

Host, We Don't Have Time

Hosting this global broadcast is Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson, an expert moderator, lecturer and devoted workshop-leader in facilitating sustainable development. Catarina moderates for the EU Commission, the Swedish Government, corporations, local municipalities, and universities. She lectures based on the UN Sustainable Global Development Goals internationally and has TV-skills from her background as a television program host at SVT, Swedish Public Television.

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How do we tackle climate change with new protein solutions?

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