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Tune in to a special episode of Climate Action News on September 7 at 15:00 CEST. Join us as the acclaimed author, Sangeeta Waldrons, sits down with Ingmar Rentzhog, the CEO & Founder of We Don't Have Time. Dive deep into the origins of We Don't Have Time, explore the significance of transparent communication on climate change, and understand the criticality of fostering momentum for climate solutions.

Sangeeta, a multi-award-winning Public Relations expert, is at the helm of her own London-based PR agency, Serendipity PR & Media. She authored the notable Corporate Social Responsibility Is Not Public Relations, a work emphasizing that in today's era, trust is every organization's most valuable asset. Thus, the essence of communication should remain authentic and genuine.

This riveting interview is a prelude to her third book, slated for a 2024 release, a collaborative endeavor between the West and India. Drawing inspiration from her previous success, the upcoming book retains the engaging format of international 'in conversations'. It features a plethora of diverse and eminent voices, all converging on themes of climate change, legacy, and the multifaceted narratives of the climate discourse. And she extends an invitation for you to contribute your voice.

Read more about the White Feather Foundation which was founded by Julian Lennon:

Climate Action News is our broadcast about action and sustainable solutions. We invite our community, climate advocacy groups, leaders, and businesses to share their knowledge and insights. You can participate actively by commenting live during and after the broadcast. Get instructions or download our app to join the discussion. Welcome!

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Hosts and guests

Sangeeta Waldron

PR/CSR Expert, Author of Corporate Social Responsibility Is Not Public Relations

Sangeeta Waldron is a multi-award-winning Public Relations professional, who runs her own London based PR agency, Serendipity PR & Media. She was named in Commetric’s Top 100 of the PR Influencer Index & Top 15 Women Influencers in PR & Communications. She works with all types of organizations and sectors helping them to strategize and strengthen their brands with regards to incorporating corporate social responsibility and sustainability. A regular international speaker and moderator, she is also contributing global editor for the India CSR Network, and guest lectures at UK universities. She sits on various boards and is an advisory board member for the think tank, Bridge India. She recently worked on a policy paper for V20, for the G20 India Presidency that was focused on climate change, values, and sustainability. Sangeeta’s book Corporate Social Responsibility Is Not Public Relations with foreword by British environmental journalist and broadcaster Lucy Siegle was shortlisted for the Business Book Awards in 2022. Her first business book, The PR Knowledge Book published in 2019. Sangeeta started out her career writing speeches for a previous UK Prime Minister and Ministers, and has worked at the top level with big, powerful global brands, which includes - being global communications director for the Economist Group; the first Mayor of London; Cass Business School; and charities. You can find her on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram all as Sangeeta Waldron and is an open networker.

Ingmar Rentzhog

CEO and Founder of We Don't Have Time

Ingmar is serial entrepreneur within financial communication and nominated for a DI Gasell Award, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year, Sweden’s Environmental Influencer 2018, and International Gamechanger of the Year 2020, and Green Warrior 2021. Ingmar Rentzhog has been the chairman of the environmental think tank Global Challenge. He is on the board of Naventus Corporate Finance. He’s a member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality and European Climate Policy Task Force and he was in 2022 appointed a European Climate Pact Ambassador by the European Commission.

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