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Welcome to We Don't Have Time–The world's largest media platform for climate Action. We are democratizing knowledge about climate solutions to inspire and mobilize global action toward a prosperous, fossil-free future.


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Global warming threatens our existence. The evidence is there. This is a time of crisis – and it’s a crisis of our own making. We created this situation, and we can set things straight. Together we are the solution. But we don’t have time to wait.

A movement is growing, a movement of people saying: “This can’t go on – we want change.” We want to connect these people. Social media has created new spaces for collaboration and collective action. Herein lies our opportunity. Together, we are stronger than the status quo. Because the status quo is nothing without us. We own this, and we can fix this, together.

We Don’t Have Time is a review platform and a social media network for everyone who wants to be a part of the solution. If a large enough number of people want change, and if that energy is directed towards those in charge – change will come.

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Together we are the solution to the climate crisis.

Our organization

We Don’t Have Time is a movement and a tech startup that leverages the power of social media to hold leaders and companies accountable for climate change.

The founders and backers of We Don't Have Time are ordinary people with various backgrounds and experiences. Aware, but not experts in this field, our lowest common denominator is that all of us at some point in life “woke up” and started to worry and learn about the Earth’s health.

We each took a decision: “I will no longer be passive and just watch. If I don’t do anything, who will do it for me?” That was the seed for We Don't Have Time. And it’s our shared belief, motivation and ambition.

The company: WeDontHaveTime AB (publ) is a Swedish establishment registered in Stockholm, Sweden (reg no 559126-1994). The company operates the review platform We Don’t Have Time. Board of directors:  Anette Nordvall (Chairwoman), Ingmar Rentzhog (CEO & founder), David Olsson (COO & co-founder), Sweta Chakraborty and Susanne Wedin-Schildt.

Our Global Advisory Board and our U.S. Advisory board consists of 17 members in total with various Backgrounds and expertise.

The foundation: The company’s majority shareholder is stiftelsen WeDontHaveTime Foundation. The non-profit foundation was founded by Ingmar Rentzhog and David Olsson, and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Its principal purpose is to contribute to a reduced climate impact and an ecologically sustainable environment. Board of directors: Cathy Orlando, Per-Espen Stoknes, Ingmar Rentzhog, David Olsson, Jamie Margolin (youth advisor), Geoffrey Mboya (youth advisor).

Our founding manifesto was published on 22 April, 2018.

Save the climate

Join our community and turn your screen time into climate solutions. We plant a tree for every new member.

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We Don’t Have Time strives to be part of the solution to the climate crisis. We believe that one of the most important climate actions is communication. Everyone needs to act on the climate crisis and be transparent about their climate actions. No one is perfect, but everyone can strive for continuous improvement.

At We Don't Have Time, we continuously aim to scale our impact and reduce our carbon footprint. Today, our largest energy consumption stems from our review platform (app.wedonthavetime.org), which since 2018 runs on renewable energy. Moreover, through a special focus on increasing the circular use of IT equipment and minimizing travel by mostly using digital solutions for meetings and events, we work to reduce our environmental impact. When possible, we travel by train or EVs for official purposes. We also measure and compensate for all our emissions related to travel. Furthermore, we serve vegan and vegetarian food for events and meetings.

We Don't Have Time is a member of the UN-backed Race To Zero campaign and the Exponential Roadmap Initiative. Through these initiatives, we have committed to reducing our emissions across all scopes, swiftly and fairly in line with the Paris Agreement. We are also part of Leaders For Climate Action, the entrepreneurial community for climate action, and Top Tier Impact, the global ecosystem of impact and sustainability leaders. Additionally, through our support of trees.org, we have planted over 100 000 trees.

Please also read We Don't Have Time Climate Report 2023.

Investor relations

We Don't Have Time AB (publ) is crowdfunded with more than 700 investors from 15 different countries. Do you share our belief that a dedicated review platform has an important role to play in solving the climate crisis? Your investment in We Don’t Have Time could be crucial for the transition to a sustainable future and also a good investment for the future.

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