U.S.  Advisory Board

We Don't Have Time U.S. Advisory Board

Our U.S. Advisory Board provides external perspectives and advice to the We Don't Have Times leadership. It consists of seven members with various backgrounds and expertise. In addition to the U.S. Advisory Board, we also have a Global Advisory Board with ten advisors.

Thomas Snitch


Director of Federal Relations and Counsellor to the President of Bowling Green State University

Dr. Thomas Snitch is Director of Federal Relations and Counsellor to the President of Bowling Green State University. During his 47 years in Washington, DC, he has served at NASA, the US Department of State, the White House and the National Academy of Science. He has worked in the C-Suites of Lockheed Martin, Hitachi, Microsoft, OneWeb and GeoEye. From 2011-16, Dr. Snitch served as Chairman of the Board of the University of Maryland’s College of Computing, Mathematical and Natural Sciences and held a Distinguished Senior Professorship in Maryland’s Institute for Advanced Computer Studies. His research focuses on using high resolution satellite imagery, UAVs, and mathematical modeling to address transnational crime. Dr. Snitch holds a BA in Chinese, an MA and PhD in International Economics, an MA in Japanese and did his postdoctoral work in nuclear and reactor physics.


David Fenton


Senior Advisor, Yellow Dot Studios

David Fenton is the founder of Fenton: The Social Change Agency, which he sold in 2016 to work on climate communications full time. He is also the author of the Activist’s Media Handbook: Lessons from 50 Years as a Progressive Agitator.


Ebony Twilley Martin


Executive Director, Greenpeace USA

As a visionary strategist, operations, and program design leader with proven success in building and leading interdisciplinary teams, Ebony leads cultural change to foster justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. She is a mother, wife and daughter. Now, as the current Executive Director at the largest national legacy environmental organization Ebony is a champion for advancing racial and environmental justice. As she continues to expand her focus to include protecting people’s voting rights and ensuring that everybody is able to participate in our democracy, she knows there is no climate justice without racial justice. As a longtime justice strategist, Ebony is leading Greenpeace in the fight to dismantle systems of oppression and engage more Black and Brown communities in this work — so that there can truly be a greener, more peaceful, more just world for all.


Isaias Hernandez


Environmental Educator & Founder of QueerBrownVegan

Isaias Hernandez is an environmental justice educator and activist with years of experience in intersectional environmental work. Isaias works with businesses, institutions, and organizations to amplify and empower their environmental missions through science-based storytelling. Isaias is well-known in his field under the social moniker, QueerBrownVegan, his independent media platform with a global audience of over 150,000+ followers. Isaias attended the University of California Berkeley, earning his bachelor's in Environmental Science. Isaias has interviewed Vice President Kamala Harris and was featured on the digital cover of Vogue with Billie Eilish and on the Harvard-C-Change program as Climate Creators 2023 Program.


Nancy Colleton


President, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)

Nancy Colleton is an internationally known and respected leader in environmental communication and information. As the president of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) she leads numerous initiatives that promote better understanding of the changing planet. In addition to serving as the deputy chair of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC), Ms. Colleton leads the Alliance for Earth Observations and co-chairs the Environmental Information Services Working Group (EISWG) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Science Advisory Board.


Sherri Goodman


Secretary General, International Military Council on Climate & Security

Sherri Goodman is the Secretary General of the International Military Council on Climate & Security and Senior Fellow at the Wilson Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program and Polar Institute. She is credited with educating a generation of U.S. military and government officials about the nexus between climate change and national security, using her famous coinage, “threat multiplier,” to fundamentally reshape the national discourse on the topic. A former first Deputy Undersecretary of Defense (Environmental Security) and staff member on the Senate Armed Services Committee, Goodman has founded, led, or advised nearly a dozen research organizations on environmental and energy matters, national security, and public policy. She currently serves on the National Academies Advisory Committee to the US Global Change Research Program, and is senior climate advisor to the US Government. She holds degrees from Harvard Law School, Harvard Kennedy School, and Amherst College.


Tim Kelly


Executive Director, Earth HQ

Tim Kelly is Executive Director of EarthHQ, the media arm of the Global Commons Alliance, an unprecedented partnership of more than 50 of the world’s most forward-looking organizations in philanthropy, science, business and advocacy. Previously, Tim was a media executive, Emmy Award-winning film producer, and former President of the National Geographic Society. He also serves as an advisor to the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Planet3, an exploration-based learning platform. As President of the National Geographic Society, Tim transitioned the primarily print-based organization to a global multimedia force and engineered the launch of the National Geographic Channel, National Geographic Films, and a wide array of digital media products. He became the youngest Trustee of the Society and under his lead, the highly acclaimed television production unit would go on to win over 135 Emmy Awards and create programming that served as the cornerstone for the launch of the National Geographic cable networks. Today, the Channel is seen in 165 countries, in 35 languages, by 400 million people and has contributed to National Geographic ranking consistently as one of the top five global media brands.


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