Global Advisory Board

We Don't Have Time Global Advisory Board

Our Global Advisory Board provides external perspectives and advice to the We Don't Have Times leadership. It consists of ten members with various backgrounds and expertise. In addition to the Global Advisory Board, we also have a U.S. Advisory Board with seven advisors.

Björn Larsson


Chair of We Don't Have Time's Global Advisory & CEO The ForeSight Group

Björn Larsson is an economist, journalist, and diplomat who today serves as the CEO of the Stockholm-based ForeSight Group (founded 1979) advising organizations on how to stay relevant in the times we are in. Björn is also a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, founding member of the Global Impact Investment Network, chair of the Global Advisory to the PVBLIC Foundation, a fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts and the Aspen Institute as well as an International Ambassador for The World's Children's Prize. Björn co-authored The Rise of the Meaningful Economy and Changing the World We Create and The Climate Action Play book – from CO2 Targets to Climate Leadership.

Alessandra Sollberger


Entrepreneur and Investor

Alessandra oversees Top Tier Impact, the global private network of impact investors and impact entrepreneurs. Across their locations in the US, the UK, Europe, and Asia, Top Tier Impact members manage some of the leading impact funds and run some of the most impactful companies.

Daniela Rogosic


CEO Communication Leader, Ingka Group IKEA

Daniela works as CEO communication Leader at Ingka Group IKEA and has previous experience working as Managing Director at Grayling. She has a Master's degree in Media and is skilled in Strategic communications, Corporate Communications, and Public relations.

Enrique Alvarado Hablutzel


Chief Investor Officer & Co-Founder, Chi Impact Capital

Enrique is a passionate advocate of Technology, Innovation, and Leadership, with a strong focus on making a positive impact in the world. As the Chief Investor Officer and Co-Founder of Chi Impact Capital, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the organization's investment strategy and driving its mission to create meaningful social and environmental change. In addition to his role at Chi Impact Capital, Enrique is an Impact investor, channeling his expertise towards developing social and environmental businesses in Europe and Latin America. He has multiple investments in Real Estate for Impact, zero waste initiatives, and circular economy businesses, showcasing his commitment to driving sustainable development. With over 15 years of experience in developing start-ups within the realms of technology and social and environmental impact, Enrique brings a wealth of knowledge to his current position. He is deeply connected to the Impact Hub network in Switzerland and has played a pivotal role in supporting the early development of the Accelerate2030 program, benefiting over 100 companies worldwide. Enrique also made significant contributions during the early stages of Seedstars, a Swiss-based group aiming to improve lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship. Additionally, he was part of the Investment team at Virgin Group, further solidifying his expertise in impact investing. Enrique's thought leadership and expertise have earned him recognition as a respected speaker and guest expert.

Gilad Regev


Founder & CEO, Kora Sustainability

Gilad, a seasoned serial entrepreneur, has a remarkable track record of establishing successful ventures in the Renewable Energy and Corporate Advisory sectors. His journey into the realm of sustainability commenced in 2004 with a strategic investment in cutting-edge wind technology. Building upon this foundation, in 2011, Gilad founded Windfire, an avant-garde distributed energy solution driven by vertical-axis wind turbines. Motivated by the aspiration to ignite a global commitment to enhancing our world, Gilad established Kora. Kora represents a paradigm shift, offering an innovative platform that redefines the relationship between individuals and the environment, while fostering a collective movement towards sustainability. Gilad is deeply committed to his yogic and meditative practices. He consistently engages in extended fasting and embraces the rigors of ice bathing as part of his routine.

Kaj Török


CSO, MAX Burgers

Kaj Török is Chief Sustainability Officer at MAX Burgers since 2016. In 2008 MAX created the world's first climate-labeled menu and started capturing emissions through reforestation in Africa. In 2019 MAX received UN Global Climate Action Award for the world’s first climate-positive menu. Swedes say that MAX has the tastiest burgers. MAX is also the company in Sweden that is most well-known for taking climate action. Kaj has worked with sustainability since the mid-90s and was awarded Sweden's best sustainability officer in 2020. Kaj is a popular international keynote speaker.

Maria Hedengren


Advisory Board Member, We Don't Have Time

Maria Hedengren is a seasoned C-level leader with over 25 years of executive leadership in international, fast-growing and disruptive tech companies. Her experience covers companies in various stages from startup up to publicly listed companies as CFO, CEO, various non-executive board member positions and now most recently also as venture partner with Eight Roads, a global venture capital platform with AUM of 11 bn USD. Before Maria joined Eight Roads, her most recent positions were CFO at iZettle and CEO at Readly. Maria is also an angel investor with focus on environmental and social impact. Her main mission is to help create a more equal ownership and wealth distribution and with that a more equal society, for example through her Chairwoman position at Feminvest, an investor and entrepreneur platform for accelerating women ownership and wealth with 40,000 participants.

Nils Bohlin


Executive Coach in collaboration with Arthur D Little

Experienced Excecutive Coach with a passion for achieving impact. Skilled in Leadership Development, Business Planning, Innovation Management, International Business, Business Transformation, and Corporate Development. Strong business development professional graduated from INSEAD and Chalmers University of Technology.

Olga Grönvall Lund


Founder and General Secretary of non-profit organisation Reformaten

Olga Grönvall Lund is a Swedish entrepreneur who has worked with food-related projects her whole professional career. She has mainly been active in Stockholm and Berlin but has also hosted events, catered, and done productions in other parts of the world such as Hong Kong, London, Bologna, Copenhagen and Paris to name a few. In 2019 Olga founded Reformaten – a people’s movement for a positive food system where everyone’s winner – humans, animals and nature. The slogan, “Det ska vara lätt att äta rätt”, explains the purpose well; “it must be easy to eat right”.

Peter Mckillop


Founder & Editor, Climate & Capital Media

Climate & Capital Media was founded by Peter and senior financial executive. Before founding Climate & Capital Media, he was a Managing Director at BlackRock where he led global communication campaigns to build strong sustainable brands focused on ESG, impact, sustainability, and climate change. Mr. McKillop spent most of his early career as a correspondent and bureau chief for Newsweek Magazine in New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong where he covered key economic, financial, social, political, issues.

Sacha Ghiglione


CEO & Boardmember of Prime Computer

Sacha is CEO and Member of the Board of Directors of the Swiss climate neutral, green IT manufacturer Prime Computer. As a trusted Advisory Board Member he provides Start-Ups with knowledge, understanding, and strategic thinking of the industry or management of specific cases. Envisioning to motivate people to think and act in a more sustainable way towards our home, Earth, Sacha contributes in his role as Board Member of the European Technology Chamber & the Climate Action Commission, his valuable know-how to foster awareness and support the use of European technology to reach the sustainability goals (SDGs) of the UN around the world and reduce emissions that contribute to Climate Change.

Scott Amyx


Managing Partner, Astor Perkins

Scott Amyx is the Managing Partner at Astor Perkins, a deep tech and sustainability VC fund. He has invested in D-Orbit (NASDAQ: DOBT), Bloom Diagnostics, Metawave, Lunar Station Corporation, Omnitron Sensors and many more. Scott was voted top 10 international innovation keynote speaker. He is a Forbes innovation columnist, Singularity University Smart City Accelerator. Scott is the co-author of Internet of Things and Data Analytics Handbook, an academic publication by John Wiley and Sons and The Advances in Information Security, Privacy, & Ethics (AISPE) Book Series: Managing Security Issues and the Hidden Dangers of Wearable Technologies, an academic publication by IGI Global.

Sean Boyle


Co-founder, UNITMODE

Seán is the co-founder of UNITMODE, building deep tech tools to urgently shift the climate change curve. He became Twitter’s first Head of Sustainability, launching the first company-wide climate action strategy, co-producing the inaugural climate change mis/disinformation policy, and partnering with leading climate action organizations including UNFCCC, UNEP, COP27, FridaysForFuture, leading academic institutions, and other pioneers in the climate action space. He previously worked at Facebook after a decade of consulting with a firm acquired by KPMG. Seán is an Honorary Member of SigmaSquared, a non-profit organization uniting and empowering the most exceptional young founders.

Sean McKaughan


Board Chair, Fundación Avina

Sean McKaughan has three decades of experience in the field of sustainable development and has authored several books on the topic. Prior to being named Chair of the Board of Directors of Fundación Avina 2013, he led the organization’s executive team for many years as Executive Director and ex-officio board member. Sean joined the Avina team in 1998 and was one of the principal architects of Avina’s initial strategy and program implementation in Brazil. He holds master’s degrees in Urban Planning and Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Before joining Avina, Sean worked on projects with the Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas Aplicadas, the LBJ School of Public Affairs, the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, the Texas Workforce Commission, and the Center for the Study of Western Hemispheric Trade. During his tenure at Avina, Sean has led initiatives in areas such as social impact businesses, the fight against deforestation, technological innovation networks, and the challenges of sustainability in Latin America and the Global South. He divides his time between Rio de Janeiro and Austin.

Tove Ahlström


Sustainability expert & moderator

Tove is an sustainability expert focusing on CSRD, moderator, keynote speaker and board professional with broad and deep knowledge in sustainability. She has experience from working in small and large companies and public administration. Among other things, she has been chief of sustainability at Apotea (a net pharmacy) and in 2017 became a finalist in Sweden's best sustainability manager. She was recently the CEO of the think tank Global Utmaning and was ranked as the 6th most sustainable in Sweden in 2021. Tove is also affiliated with Al Gore's Climate Reality Project.

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