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We Don’t Have Time is the world's largest social network for the climate. We offer you a platform to influence the world and establish a climate dialogue with our members and your stakeholders.

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We need change

The most credible scientific institutions have all consistently warned about the climate crisis and it is generally accepted that we have approximately a decade to avert climate catastrophe.

This is a fatal threat to business and our economy but instead of being part of the problem, you could be a part of the solution and gain benefits as a climate leader.

What is We Don't Have Time?

We improve your connection with society by providing a space for collaboration on climate solutions. We call this Climate Dialogue™, and in the We Don't Have Time social network:

  • Everyone gets to see which organizations are leading the way
  • Organizations get feedback on their climate solutions
  • Concerned citizens write climate reviews to organizations and public figures

Our network is accessible in your browser or through our top rated app on AppStore and Google Play. Our outreach exceeds even our own network, however, because much of the content is shared on other social media.


  • Friendly, solution-oriented community
  • Ad-free and powered by green energy
  • A tree planted for every new member

Everyone can join us for free, but organizations benefit most from our paid partnerships.

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Engaged members

More than 40,000 climate leaders from more than 140 countries

Social media reach

We average 25 million, with peaks exceeding 250 million, per month

Broadcasts viewed by millions

More than 15 million viewers on Twitter and Youtube since last year

Social media statistics from Meltwater, Twitter, Youtube and We Don't Have Time.

How does it work?

The members of our network create climate reviews resulting in climate ratings for all businesses and organizations. Our members embrace good actions, suggest new ways of doing things and urge bad practices to stop.

Join the Climate Dialogue and respond to the climate reviews given to you. Start posting your climate actions and encourage feedback from our members and your stakeholders.

To help you with this, all paying partners get a personal Climate Dialogue Advisor to make sure you get the most out of our platform.

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What you can expect

Climate Dialogue™

Invite your stakeholders to a two-way Climate Dialogue

Increase your brand value

Consumers embrace brands with a commitment to climate action

Buying you time

Our members give you ideas on how to accelerate your transition

Climate Dialogue benefits

Get to know what the next generation of your customers actually wants.
The more you talk to your customers, the more likely you meet their needs with a product or service that is fit for the purpose and that the world actually wants.

Climate Dialogue™ helps to future-proof your organization against changes in legislation. In 2021 the EU made it law that an organization must have effective dialogue with its stakeholders and provide evidence for it.

What our partners say

“We are excited to be partnering with We Don’t Have Time because of the broad reach that it has.”

Gabrielle Ginér, Head of Environmental Sustainability, BT

“With many thanks to We Don’t Have Time, we are gaining a lot of interest in and out of the organization.”

Eri Yamasumi,
Programme Specialist, UNDP Executive Office

“The global goals can only be met if we work together, and our partnership with We Don’t Have Time is an important way to meet and engage with our target audience.”

Mary Gestrin, Head of Communications, Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Council

Plans and  Pricing

Partner with us, and start receiving benefits as a climate leader. Our partnership fees start at only €500 a month, and we offer discounts to climate startups and NGOs.

All partners commit to that they have honest intentions to accelerate climate action and that they have a business model not dependent on fossil fuel interests. Furthermore, they promise to respond to climate reviews that gain at least 100 agrees in our network

Claim your We Don't Have Time profile and answer the climate reviews written to you.
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Do you have any other questions about our partnership or how to benefit? Get in contact.

What does it mean to respond to a climate review?

When a review starts getting traction on the We Don't Have Time platform, one of the first things that happens is that the recipient -- your organization -- is encouraged to respond with a written a comment in the comments section of the post. Once you respond to a review, it gets further visibility in the network to encourage further dialogue. With a verified profile in our network, you can make comments to reviews whenever you like to keep the dialogue going.

What is a Climate Dialogue Advisor?

All We Don't Have Time paid partners get access to a Climate Dialogue Advisor — an employee of We Don't Have Time who becomes your contact person, tech support and climate communications specialist who you can bounce ideas off of. We are here to help you take the step out into the intimidating world of transparency, and to make sure you don't get burned when you do so.

What is the Open for Climate Dialogue™ certification and how can I benefit?

The Open for Climate Dialogue™ certification is granted to organizations that show their honest intention of being open and transparent about their climate work by partnering with We Don't Have Time. Our members know they can count on a guaranteed response from the certified organization if their review reaches 100 agrees. This motivates users to post well-written, constructive reviews to the organization.

Why should I choose Partner Plus?

Being a Partner Plus helps you greatly extend your reach. Only Plus partners get access to our global broadcasts, allowing you to share your vision and solutions while positioning yourself as a brand that others look to for climate action — to learn from and to help them reach their goals.

What is a video pitch?

In order to encourage engagement in your climate work, you need to put yourself out there, become a little bit personal, and share your vision with the world. We help you produce a pitch video to do just that; then we share it with our network to encourage more dialogue and more reviews.

What does it mean to partake in broadcasts?

Our partners have the opportunity to be a part of our climate broadcasts, digital events that can range from single interviews to live dialogues to large-scale conferences with millions of viewers. Each broadcast has its own theme, and we invite our partners to participate when the theme and format fits. 

Learn more about our broadcasts.

How does tree planting work?

As an additional motivator for our users to stay active, we plant trees for certain actions in our network. When a member signs up or makes a review to one of our partners, we plant a tree through our primary tree planting partner - Trees for the Future. The trees are planted by educating farmers in agroforestry and forest gardens. Read more about our tree planting partner at https://trees.org.

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