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COP25 Live during Nordic Climate Action Weeks by Nordic Co-operation. All events are free of charge and open to the public, but some require registration (see program below).

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Attend online or at Norrsken House, Birger Jarlsgatan 57C in Stockholm.

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12.30-13.40 Lunch talks: Change the world with a knife and a fork

  • Renée Voltaire, Food visionary and entrepreneur

Renée Voltaire is a real food and sustainability visionary who founded an ecologic product line following her own philosophy. Join us for this lunch talk and learn how her own has evolved on food, sustainability and the role of positive messaging. We’ll also hear her views on how we can ensure that “The food we eat brings us health and doesn’t take it away from us."

Hosted by Nordic Food Policy Lab, Nordic Council of Ministers

18.00-18.30 Briefing: What is going on at COP25 in Madrid? - STREAMS LIVE

We open the backdoor and get the last updates from the UN Climate negotiations.
Nicholle Koko Warner, UNFCCC, Member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Watch live -> We Don't Have Time, YouTube, Twitter & Facebook

18.30-19.30 High level policy lab on new food: Food as the new climate action - but how?

Food is the new climate action – but how? A high-level policy lab investigating how new food policy tools can translate climate ambitions into climate action.

Nordic food systems stakeholders from policy, civil society and the youth movement, to explore new tools as well as the underlying challenges or “lock-ins” hindering progress:

  • Anders Nordström: Swedish ambassador for Global Health, at ministry of foreign affairs
  • Maria Gardfjell: a Swedish Member of Parliament for the Green Party. She Vice-President of the Committee on the Environment and Agriculture and an environmental policy spokesperson responsible for rural, agriculture, forestry and fisheries.
  • Ove Kenneth Nodland: Innovation manager at the EAT foundation - the science-based global platform for food system transformation.
  • Emil Vincentz: youth delegate representing ReGeneration 2030 and co-founder of Acter - a nonprofit working to decentralize action on environmental and social challenges

There are limited seats for this event. You need to register for this event here.

Nordic food Policy Lab and Nordic Council of Ministers

Events are open to the public, but some require registration (see program above). Events are free of charge. Attend at Norrsken House, Birger Jarlsgatan 57C in Stockholm.
Please note that changes in the program may occur. Check for

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All events are free of charge. Attend online or at Norrsken House, Birger Jarlsgatan 57C in Stockholm.

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About Nordic Climate Action Weeks

Are you concerned about climate change and want to see some action? Let’s talk! From 2nd to 13th of December the Nordic Co-operation invite you to watch and participate in a wide range of climate events in relation to the UN climate negotiations – the COP25. Our mission is to create a backdoor into the COP25 and open it up for our Nordic citizens.

The new vision for the Nordic Cooperation states that we shall become the most sustainable region in the world by 2030. This is quite ambitious, but if we can’t make it, who else?

We have the resources, the knowledge, we have the political platforms and we have climate concerned citizens who demand changes. Let’s talk about how we can get there.

Participate online or at Norrsken House in Stockholm – A backdoor to COP25

You don’t have to travel to Madrid to take part in and get wiser about what’s going on when the world leaders meet to solve the climate crisis.

You can come to Stockholm instead. We’ve invited experts, ministers, NGOs and last, but not least the climate concerned general public to Norrsken House in Stockholm city center. We’re also creating a virtual backdoor into the COP25 in Madrid. Experts and guests in Madrid will join us live in order to share and discuss their expertise and insights into the climate negotiations.

The ambition is to open up the UN Climate negotiations to the general public and to:

  • discuss the biggest and most demanding Nordic and global climate challenges.
  • highlight Nordic Solutions to global challenges and their benefits for other countries.  
  • raise new questions and seek answers in order to catalyze climate friendly actions.


Our partner for the arrangements at Norrsken House is Global Utmaning – an independent think-tank that promotes sustainable development within social, economic and environmental dimensions.

Our social network partner is We Don't Have Time – the worlds biggest social media network for climate action. Download their app to start act for the climate.

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