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Certificate — Söderberg & Partners
32,764 tonnes CO2/year
2,277 employees
Active since October 2018
Last payment 2022 Q4

General information on data sources and calculation models. The calculation model used by We Don’t Have Time, and the data sources for the calculations, are based on the following:

1. The population data comes from the World Bank's World Development Indicatorscollection. The data refers to 2018.

2. Emissions of greenhouse gases per country are from the UN (UNFCC) and refer to all emissions of human-created greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O, HFCs, PFCs, SF6, MIX and NF3), excluding emissions from losses, land-use change and forestry. The data refers to 2018 per capita. Source: UNFCCC Data Interface.

The number of employees is multiplied by the per capita average national annual emission of greenhouse gases (tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents, CO2e). These are doubled to ensure that the employees are climate friendly. Business travel is added to this. For Söderberg & Partners, the following therefore applies:

Multiplying the employees' emissions by two is justified by the fact that there is always a built-in error margin in the calculations which is a result of individual differences compared to the average (per capita) calculation used and of the fact that consumption is not included in the national data which forms the basis of the calculations. Twice the average greenhouse gas emission is therefore the model advocated by We Don’t Have Time.

The number of employees is based on previous year's annual financial report. In case of major changes as of number of employees a quarterly update to the climate compensation will be done accordingly.

Climate friendly

Being climate friendly means neutralising more CO2 than is emitted as a result of the same person/employee's actions. According to We Don't Have Time's climate certification and definition, climate friendly means double compensating (a factor of 2) for employees' greenhouse gas emissions.

The UN's data doesn't include greenhouse gas emissions caused by human consumption, as the national data in the data sources used refers to production emissions – in other words, the emissions caused in the relevant countries, but not by aspects such as travel and consumption abroad.

How it works

We Don’t Have Time currently employs two methods for offsetting emissions.

Carbon credits

Carbon credits are a credit that equals measured emissions of CO2. These credits are called Reduction Units (originally CER, Certified Emission Reductions). Organizations that successfully reduce their carbon emissions will get a surplus of credits that can be sold on the voluntary market. Hereby an economic incentive is created for reduced carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. On behalf of Söderberg & Partners we buy carbon credits in climate projects that are certified according to standards where organizations such as the UN and WWF are behind.

These carbon credits are then cancelled on our request and hence no one else can buy or use these for emitting CO2. Accordingly, we can show how your carbon offset will support practical actions in certified climate projects. Our partner for this is Go Climate Neutral.

Currently, Söderberg & Partners offsets their employees’ footprint through this method.

Carbon removal

Carbon removal is the purchase and cancellation of CO2 Removal Certificates (CORC). A CORC is an independently verified document that confirms that 1 metric ton of CO2 has been removed from the atmosphere by one of the certified removal methods, currently biochar, wooden building elements and carbonated building elements. Suppliers of certified removal methods offer CORCs on a marketplace hosted by our partner Puro.

Currently, Söderberg & Partners offsets all their business travel through this method.

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