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Beside being part of our network, we have a collection of tools that will help you be more climate friendly. Every little helps!

The app

Our social network, We Don’t Have Time, connects everyone who wants to be part of the solution to the climate crisis. The app is the easiest way to access the We Don't Have Time social network and make a difference by simply agreeing to climate campaigns.

The network unites everyone who want to collaborate in order to achieve a fossil free future by actively influencing companies, organizations, and public figures. Through the app you can create your own campaigns but also agree to others.

The more agrees – the higher the level. The levels are designed to put pressure on recipients in order to trigger a response or an action resolving the campaign. The number of agrees also results in a rating of all the recipients.

Together we are the solution.


ClimateHero helps individuals to reduce their own carbon footprints. With ClimateHero, you can calculate your carbon footprint in just 5 minutes. The service is a carbon footprint calculator followed by feedback and customized pledges to reduce your footprint. The 40 000 people who so far has used ClimateHero has on average promised to reduce their carbon footprint by 30%.

Climate news

In order to solve the climate crisis, the issue has to become the number one priority. The media and journalists have a leading role when it comes to making the climate and its transformation a matter of public interest by publishing news that reflects its importance.

Our news feed gives the public access to the latest climate news, all in one place. You can access our news feed in our app or on our climate feed website. Journalists and publishers are also more than welcome to use it to help improve their coverage of climate change. Please contact us if your organization wants us to include or exclude your content.

Climate mail signature

You can make a difference with every email you send. Boost your emails with Aidbox and raise awareness about the climate crisis. Just paste the Aidbox into your email signature once. Raise awareness for a cause close to your heart every time you send an email.

Climate Friendly Employees

As an employer, you can now carbon offset for your employees' lifestyle through certification from We Don’t Have Time. You offset through the purchase and cancellation of carbon credits from projects that have been reviewed by well-established international organizations. We calculate your employees' average greenhouse gas emissions per capita and country using official statistics. To cover consumption and individuals with high emissions, we multiply that number by two for safety. We also add emissions from your business trips.

Why do we cancel carbon credits?

Carbon credits are a credit that corresponds to measured carbon dioxide emissions. These credits are also called reduction units (originally CER, Certified Emission Reductions). Climate projects that successfully contribute to fewer emissions to the atmosphere are allocated credits that can be sold on the voluntary market. This creates an economic incentive for reduced emissions. We buy carbon credits on your behalf in climate projects that are certified according to standards where organizations such as the UN and WWF are behind. We then request that these credits be canceled. They cannot be bought by anyone else. We can thus report how your compensation supports concrete measures in the form of certified climate projects.

For further information, please contact:
Johannes Luiga, Investor Relations / Sales Manager
Mobile: +46 (0)70-171 24 07

Twitter map

We have a map where you can see everyone who is using the hashtag #WeDontHaveTime.
Turn on your location services and use our hashtag. Are you the next one on our map?

Exponential Climate Action Summit

What does the the foremost thinkers and doers in climate action suggest?

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